Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Spirit Fire Lights

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How bright are they? 

Spirit Fire wireless cab lights are just as bright as wired options but without the hassles of drilling holes in your cab with 60 lumens per unit. It may vary depending on the season and geography but we've designed these solar powered cab lights to perform under all kinds of conditions!

What's the battery life? 

Results may vary depending on geography and weather, however for the most part you can count on 10-hour battery life after a full charge. 

Where can I use them? 

The intention is for the top of your pickup trucks, jeeps, and fun SUV's to look amazing with our solar powered wireless cab lights on top. We'd love to see them on your golf carts or anywhere else you might need a light. Send any pictures to !

Can I take it in a car wash? 

The lights shouldn't be affected by a car wash, however many variables can come into play-- mainly how they were installed. If there's dirt under the adhesive pad you are more likely to have issues! Our wireless solar powered cab lights will make your truck look awesome!

Is there a remote? 

No remote! Our solar cab lights are automatically on when there's night and vibration. Daylight shuts them off and a timer shuts them off one minute after vibration is no longer sensed. 

How are they removed? 

All you need is a heat gun and a soft tool to remove our solar powered cab lights. On the bottom if each light is an automotive-grade adhesive that is paint-safe and strong enough to resist almost any weather condition.