Scams! – Spirit Fire Lights


Hi there. Unfortunately there have been a TON of overseas companies out there that are pretending to sell our cab lights. For example ALL of the accounts on this screenshot are scams: 

We can't even make an INDIVIDUAL light let alone a whole set! 

So there's a couple things you can do to spot the phonies and you'll be just fine. 

1. NO ONE, not even our competitors, is selling real solar cab lights for two digits. So if you see "solar cab lights" for sale $19, $29, $32 it is SURELY fake.

2. If you look at the photos, they are showing MULTIPLE PRODUCTS in their images. They will often show literally 3 different types of cab lights (including images stolen from our website and from our authorized resellers) 

3. LOOK at who the business says they are. If it looks like they miiiiight not be in the United States, they ARE NOT. Like this one for example, I literally just picked a random one of the scammers and here we go: 

Heiduo? How do you even say that? CLEARLY not American. So therefore CLEARLY a scam! 


Stay safe out there you guys!