What are cab lights? – Spirit Fire Lights

What are cab lights?

Cab lights, also known as clearance lights or marker lights, are a set of small auxiliary lights typically mounted on the roof of a pickup truck's cab, near the front edge of the roof. These lights serve several functions and are often used for both practical and aesthetic purposes.

Typically these are aftermarket and require a wired installation, and in order to connect the light wires to the car battery many truck owners opt to drill holes in their cab, pull out their headliners, stereo, and more. Luckily there are (ahem) solar powered options! 

Back to cab lights generally, they are typically an orange but sometimes white set of lights on top of the cab and usually in a row either evenly spaced or with a bunched set in the middle with two on the outside, sort of like outriggers on a seafaring canoe. 

There are a bunch of reasons why someone would want to purchase cab lights and get them on their trucks. It might range from legal/regulatory requirements to simply enjoying the aesthetics. Some people have cargo or rack systems and having the extra visibility helps give peace of mind knowing their truck is just a little more visible than it otherwise would be. 

Generally speaking, cab lights are a status symbol that mean different things to different audiences. If it's on a 2500 or so, they signify a big truck. A hard-working American is behind the wheel. For others, they simply look awesome and are another tool used to customize their rides. 

Others yet love the curb appeal. Nothing like having a fresh-cut lawn, picket fence, and a clean lifted truck in the driveway. In this sense, the truck functions as an extension of the garage and driveway. Yet for others looking for individuality at its core, cab lights can and  show off a rebellious, outlaw/libertarian point of view. 

Whether you're a family man, a lone ranger, or a cowboy family man, cab lights can be something that sets you apart aesthetically from others and lets them know what you're all about. 

Other reasons why someone would want cab lights are as follows: 

  1. Enhanced Visibility: Cab lights are designed to enhance the visibility of the pickup truck, especially during low light conditions or at night. They can make the vehicle more noticeable to other drivers, improving the potential to be seen on the road.

  2. Aesthetics: Many pickup truck owners choose to install cab lights for their aesthetic appeal. They can give the truck a distinctive and rugged appearance. Cab lights are commonly associated with off-road and work-style trucks. Off-road or towing packages cab be enhanced with cab lights for added visibility. 

  3. Size and Shape Indicators: In some cases, cab lights are used to indicate the size and shape of the pickup truck. This is particularly relevant for larger or oversized trucks that may have specific requirements for clearance lights to indicate their dimensions to other road users. As noted, sometimes this is a legal requirement and other times this is simply a good idea to have the added visibility. It depends on where you are and what you are doing but cab lights are an excellent way to get the look you need and/or want. 

  4. Off-Roading: Cab lights can also serve a practical purpose for off-road enthusiasts. They provide additional lighting for the area around the vehicle, making it easier to navigate trails and campsites in low-light or dark conditions. While this is certainly true of light bars and the like, cab lights offer an extra sense of security, especially if they are the (ahem) automatic type that activate whenever you are moving at night. 

  5. Customization: Cab lights come in various styles and colors, allowing pickup truck owners to personalize their vehicles. This customization can help owners differentiate their trucks and make them stand out from others on the road. Again, the customization piece is enormous when it comes to pickup trucks. 


And, it's probably a good idea for us to mention: 

It's important to note that cab lights are not standard equipment on all pickup trucks and are often added as aftermarket accessories. The specific regulations regarding the installation of cab lights can vary from one location to another, so it's advisable to consult local and state regulations or seek professional installation when adding cab lights to your pickup truck to ensure compliance with safety and visibility standards.

All that said, Spirit Fire lights offers a solar powered and wireless cab light that won't damage your paint and does not require drilling holes in your precious cab. We give you the customized look you want without sacrificing the integrity of the vehicle. Sure, we're on the pricey side as far as lights but you can easily install them yourself and don't need to waste $700+ on installation at a garage.