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SpiritFire FAQ

  • Scams!

    How to not get scammed when buying cab lights
  • What are cab lights?

    Generally speaking, cab lights are a status symbol that mean different things to different audiences. If it's on a 2500 or so, they signify a big truck. A hard-working American is behind the wheel. For others, they simply look awesome and are another tool used to customize their rides. 
  • When are cab lights required?

    Cab lights are proof you've got a truck for all the right reasons. Whether it's towing and hauling, an added piece to the off-road package, or simply the badassery of it all, cab lights can be a great addition to your truck. There are various cab light styles
  • What are cab lights vs clearance lights?

    While these terms are often used interchangeably, their specific functions and placement can vary depending on the vehicle and its intended use. But for the most part it's a lot like the square vs rectangle. All cab lights are clearance lights but not all clearance lights are cab lights. 
  • What are clearance lights?

    Regulations often specify the precise placement of clearance lights, especially for vehicles with oversized loads. They may be mounted at specific intervals along the vehicle's width and length to indicate its dimensions. Every state is going to have different but similar stipulations regarding clearance lights so it's important to double check 
  • When are clearance lights required by law?

    Even in situations where it is not legally required, having proper cab lights or clearance lights can be an awesome way to make sure your truck is seen more easily. This could be simply for peace of mind while driving down the road with precious cargo or it can be for reasons of customization and individuality.
  • Top Ten Reasons to Purchase Cab Lights

    From improved visibility on the road to customization options and increased resale value, cab lights are a versatile and valuable addition to any vehicle. Whether you're a professional truck driver, an outdoor enthusiast, or simply looking to give your vehicle a unique flair, cab lights are a smart investment that will serve you well for years to come.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    How bright are they?  Spirit Fire wireless cab lights are just as bright as wired options but without the hassles of drilling holes in your cab wit...